July 19, 2024 1:47PM EDT

Lynch Fluid Controls Embarks on a Cutting-Edge Journey with Matsuura H-Plus 504 CNC Machine

In a significant stride towards innovation and efficiency, Lynch Fluid Controls, a leader in hydraulic motion control manifolds and integrated hydraulic systems, recently unveiled its latest manufacturing capability expansion with the installation of the state-of-the-art Matsuura H-Plus 504 CNC machine. This groundbreaking addition reflects Lynch’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology, opening new avenues for enhanced productivity and quality in their manufacturing processes.

The installation of the Matsuura H-Plus 504 CNC machine was no small feat, requiring meticulous planning and execution. Over a span of three months, the team worked tirelessly to ensure seamless integration of cutting-edge technology into Lynch’s existing CNC machine group. Notably, a new foundation was poured to support the machine’s substantial weight on the shop floor. The excavation extended nearly three feet deep and was subsequently filled with a formidable 1,076 cubic feet of concrete, gravel, and rebar, totaling an impressive 80 tons.

This new CNC machine stands out with its ability to manufacture manifolds sized at 8” x 8” x 48”, showcasing Lynch’s dedication to versatility and precision in hydraulic motion control. Moreover, the Matsuura H-Plus 504 boasts impressive specifications, including the ability to handle maximum workpieces of 800mm diameter x 1,000mm tall. Equipped with a 12-station pallet pool and a 530-tool magazine, this machine facilitates a seamless flow of work through the cell, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Additionally, features like tool breakage detection and full machine monitoring enhance the ability to run operations unattended overnight, further optimizing productivity and resource utilization.

The significance of this expansion is underscored by Lynch’s global presence, as the company designs, manufactures, integrates, and distributes hydraulic components worldwide. Lynch’s extensive reach spans 62 countries, serving diverse sectors such as aerospace, military, material handling, entertainment, mining, logging, industrial, and mobile equipment. As a major exporter, Lynch ensures that 50% of its products and services are exported, contributing to its status as a significant player in the international market. With an annual production of thousands of manifolds, Lynch has solidified its position as a Global Centre of Excellence for hydraulic motion control and state-of-the-art manufacturing.

One of Lynch’s notable achievements is a role model for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Canada, demonstrating a commitment to retaining and producing high-value manufacturing jobs for Canadians. The company’s dedication to upholding the highest industrial standards is evident in its certifications, further establishing Lynch as a reliable and quality-driven partner in the hydraulic motion control industry.

The successful installation of the Matsuura H-Plus 504 CNC machine marks a momentous occasion for Lynch Fluid Controls. Bill Gregory, the VP of Manufacturing, expressed his pride and excitement, stating, “I am proud to announce that we cut metal for the first-time last week on the Matsuura H-Plus 504 horizontal machining center.” This achievement is the culmination of a two-year journey that began in December 2021 with a visionary “wish list” for the new manufacturing cell.

Gregory commended the collaborative effort of the team, acknowledging the collective knowledge gained over the past three decades that contributed to the machine’s specifications. The Matsuura H-Plus 504 now stands prominently on the shop floor, marking the beginning of the retirement journey of the first Mazak machine purchased almost 22 years ago. Gregory expressed gratitude to everyone involved in the project, recognizing their dedication and hard work.

While acknowledging the achievement, Gregory also emphasized that there is still much work ahead to optimize the productivity levels of the new CNC machine. He likened the journey to a series of steps, stating, “Every journey starts with one step, then followed by another.” This optimistic perspective reflects Lynch Fluid Controls’ commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in the dynamic field of hydraulic motion control.

In conclusion, Lynch Fluid Controls’ manufacturing capability expansion with the installation of the Matsuura H-Plus 504 CNC machine marks a transformative moment for the company. This cutting-edge technology, combined with Lynch’s global reach and commitment to excellence, positions the company at the forefront of hydraulic motion control innovation. As Lynch continues to take steps towards optimizing productivity, the industry can anticipate further groundbreaking developments from this industry leader.